Hazmieh | Beirut


Beauty Lounge



  • YEAR : 2018
  • LOCATION : Hazmieh | Beirut
  • CATEGORY : Beauty Lounge
  • STATUS : Executed

Sugarme is a Beauty Center in Hazmieh, Lebanon, housed in the newly commissioned Citywalk Complex right next to the City Center Mall of Beirut.The principal of minimalistic aesthetic present in the complex inspired a contemporary, natural approach towards the Spa,where the design emphasizes extreme leisure and comfort with an artistic note.

The space is 15 meters tall, 9 meters wide, and the ceiling is 3.5 meters high. At both ends of the space, there are two concrete structural walls. On the two facades, the main entrance and the main exterior facade, two other 4.5 meters wide concrete walls rise, parallel to each other, due to the structural design of the complex. The concept of the design is oriented towards functionality. The space is simple and pure; the ceiling is left at 3.5 meters high without adding a recessed false ceiling. This minimalist design is very apparent in the plan; the flow from the inside to the outside is unobstructed, only enclosed by 4 floor-to-ceiling glass facades.

The entire Spa is conceived as a spatial continuum connecting various functions, such as Manicure and Pedicure area, hair dresser area, massage area and treatment rooms. Throughout the interior, basic white and black tones are applied, emphasizing the material and its texture. The space is divided into semi-public and private. The semi-public area is accessed by all clients and passers such as the manicure and pedicure area and the hairdresser’s area. The private area is only accessed by private clients and it is enclosed inside two boxes, one attached to a wall and the other in the middle of the space separating the manicure area from the hairdresser’s area. Hidden doors fitted inside the boxes prevent any direct access to them.

The main design elements in this project are the lighting fixtures. The design is bio mimetic, inspired from the exoskeleton of 3 invertebrates, the Centipede, the Grasshopper and the Ant. The main lighting fixture is “Um 44” (the Centipede); to each leg attached a light bulb, occupying the main space. Same concept translates for the lighting fixture used in the hairdresser’s area “Abbout” which is mimicking the exoskeleton of the grasshopper extending from the mirrors.

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